Frost Tales

      A series of stories based on the old Russian folk characters of Grandfather Frost, Mother Snow, and the Snow Maiden.  

Leprechauns and other Fairies

      Old and new stories of the Fey Folk.  Very popular for St. Patrick's Day.

Cat Tales

     Senior Don Gato was a cat . . . This story is very popular with children age 5-9, although older children and some adults who have heard me before often ask for it.  It is interactive and I use some mime and music to help tell the story.

Hero Stories

Motivational Stories

Jack Tales​               and more!

Program Ideas



7-9 pm Nov. 26, 2018

Joseph Beth Book Store

Lexington Kentucky


Historical Stories

Contact the Artist for Program Fees and Availability.

Debra Kumar is also available for instructional seminars on Creative Storytelling and teaches Storytelling in the classroom.

Give her a theme, approximate number, ages and gender of the audience and she can design a program just for you.

A Visit from Mrs. Claus

​Jump Tales and