What a wonderful family event we had during our book fair!  Our students were able to listen to exciting and riveting stories presented by Mrs. Kumar.  The children were thoroughly engrossed in the songs, tales and adventures presented to them in this exciting manner!  We cannot wait to have Mrs. Kumar with us again!

Melanie Bishop, Librarian
Lemons Mill Elementary

" . . . her gift for story telling has delighted children and adults alike at the community outreach programs we hold during the summers. She goes all out, coming in costume and carrying props and goodies! Her background in theater is evident as she moves from character to character throughout a story. Her 'performance' is always a hit!"  

Tamara Cassidy

 Landscape Alternatives, Inc.

​Georgetown, Kentucky

"Having worked with Debra several times, I find her very knowledgeable in her area.  She relates well with children and has a very loving and respectful demeanor."

Charlene Revel

Scott Co. School Teacher

Southern Elementary School

"Debra Kumar is a master at creating a variety of characters!  With a slight change of voice and facial expression she immediately commands the attention of the listener.  I highly recommend her!"

Terry Hammer

(Retired) School Teacher

Georgetown Middle School 

"Once upon a time...

Debra Kumar is an excellent storyteller who weaves tales that completely captivate her audiences!  It was a joy to watch hundreds of children get lost in the moment as she told her stories.  Because they were so thoroughly captivated and entertained while listening to her tales, I highly recommend Debra Kumar, she is an excellent storyteller!"

Kathy Placier

Scott Co. School Teacher

and past 

Arts Day Coordinator

Western Elementary School

". . . Did you ever hear tale of

Old Noah's Ark

All covered with pitch

and gopher wood bark

How the Devil slipped in

as quiet as a mouse

Which he turned himself into

To invade Noah's house . . . "

​(Excerpt from "The Devil on the Ark" by Debra Kumar the 2014 Kentucky Storytelling Conference Story Slam Winner)